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Corrected Coordinates not showing in app
I have solved over 150 geocaches that I have not yet found. I have entered corrected coordinates on for all those caches. When I download those caches in Geooh, the corrected coordinates do NOT show at all.
Most other geocaching apps will show the cache either AT the corrected coordinates (preferred) or add a waypoint to cache (in-app) so you can see where to actually look for it.

Right now, Geooh is kinda useless for searching for solved puzzle caches. Please fix Geooh!

Re: Corrected Coordinates not showing in app
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Sorry for the late reply... the forum didn't send a notification about this post.

It's fixed, it's fixed!!! The latest 7.8.2 release of Geooh now handles corrected coordinates properly.

The multicache waypoints show in the waypoints folder on the cache page, plus now the cache will be shown at the new coordinates with a CC overlay on the icon... and the original coordinates will be show as an additional waypoint. You can add any number of waypoints with the Add Waypoint task in the popup menu for a cache. The corrected coordinates can also be added there or on the web page.