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The Reverse Cache not working in WheriGeooh
I recently installed Geooh Live on my Android phone so I could do a Wherigo cache.  The Cache is named Superstitions (GC66F3K) and uses the Wherigo canister file is named the_reverse_cache_.gwc.  This is my first Wherigo cache.  Everything seemed to go fine with downloading the canister file and loading it in to Wherigeooh.  The way this Wherigo works is that you can take a reading from anywhere and the player will give you the distance (no bearing) to the cache.  I have taken 3 different readings from 3 different locations and all 3 readings give me a distance of 0.7 miles.  I even restarted to game from scratch and still got readings of 0.7 miles.  I'm not sure if the problem is with the WheriGeooh player or the canister file.

Re: The Reverse Cache not working in WheriGeooh
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Thanks for the feedback. Let me download the wherigo myself and see if I can figure it out.

Re: The Reverse Cache not working in WheriGeooh
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I may have figured it out.  It seems that my location was not getting updated by WheriGeooh.  If I open Google Maps and make sure that my location was correct before I took a reading in WheriGeooh then I got reasonable readings.  IF I move to a new location without opening Google Maps then I get the same reading as the previous location.

I still haven't found the cache but I'm confident I have a good idea where it is.  I took readings at 5 different locations, then, in Google Earth, plotted those locations with circles around them using the given distance at each location as the radius.  The circles all intersected at a single point (or within about 100 yards).  I plan on finding the cache today.

Re: The Reverse Cache not working in WheriGeooh
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Thanks for the update and analysis. Let me see if I can improve the location handling when getting a reading. Can you describe how you got the readings with the app so I know exactly what you were doing?

BTW, the latest release of Geooh has a new feature to adjust the radius circle when you display the map. Another user wanted this for doing reverse wherigos also. Basically, you can create waypoints in Geooh and then show them on the map with different radius sizes to get the intersections just like you did with Google Earth... except you can use Geooh instead.

Re: The Reverse Cache not working in WheriGeooh
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Here are the steps I took to get the "distance to cache" readings (assuming WheriGeooh is open, the cartridge loaded and a new game has been started)...
1. Open "Inventory" and select "Reverse Cache Box".
2. Click on "Display Distance".
3. The Reverse Cache Box displays the distance to the cache.  Click "OK".
4. Move to the next location.
5. Repeat steps 2 - 4.

I found the cache yesterday, so I know the final coordinates.  Today I did some testing.  I set a waypoint in my GPSr matching the location of the cache.  Next I went to a arbitrary location, "A", and, using my GPSr, determined the correct distance to the cache to be 0.9 miles.  I then got a distance reading using WheriGeooh of 0.6 miles.  I immediately took another reading and saw a distance of 1.7 miles.  I continued taking readings and over about a 90 second period the WheriGeooh readings gradually got closer the the actual distance until it held steady at the correct distance.  I then moved to location "B", which was 0.6 miles from the cache.  My first reading from WheriGeooh was 0.9 miles (same as the last reading at location "A").  The second reading was 1.2 miles, and subsequent readings gradually got closer to the actual distance until I finally got the correct distance.  I moved twice more between locations "A" and "B" with similar results. 

I then moved to location "A" and, before getting the distance from WheriGeooh, I opened Google Maps and watched the blue location symbol quickly (less than 10 seconds) move to my location on the map.  I then took a reading with WheriGeooh and got the correct result.  I repeated this a location "B" with the same results.  This is how I was able to work around the problem with WheriGeooh  not giving the correct distance on the initial readings.

You mentioned I could create waypoints in Geooh Live.  I'm sure it is simple,  but I can not find how to create a waypoint.  Could you please explain or point me to an article that explains how to create a waypoint?  Also, you said I could display circles around points.  Is this done by using the "Show Geocache Radius" setting or can I set different radii for different waypoints?

Re: The Reverse Cache not working in WheriGeooh
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When you are looking at the wherigo cache in Geooh (not WheriGeooh), you can press the task list button (brown button with three horizontal bars) to popup a menu of tasks for the cache. Towards the middle there is a Add Waypoint option which will let you had user waypoints. This will bring up a dialog to name the waypoint and determine its coordinates.

You are correct about the Show Cache Radius in Settings. Turning it on will display a translucent brown circle around each cache. In Settings you can also determine the radius of the circle. When you are looking at the cache screen you will find a row labeled Waypoints... select that to see all the waypoints for a cache and then press the map button at the bottom of the screen to display them on a map. If the radius option is on in Settings, the waypoints will also have the circle drawn around them.

I just released 8.5.1 which will now periodically tell the phone to obtain a location reading when playing a wherigo cartridge. See if that improves the readings you were getting when obtaining distances.

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OK, I was able to create a waypoint associated with the cache.  I think it would be nice to be able to create a waypoint all by itself (not associated to any cache).

In order for the radius circle to be helpful in finding a cache such as the Superstitions (GC66F3K) cache, each waypoint would have to have a different radius, being the distance from that waypoint to the cache.  The intersections of those circles would be possible locations of the cache.  If you get three or more circles that all intersect at a single place then that intersection is the cache location.

Re: The Reverse Cache not working in WheriGeooh
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You can create a "cache/waypoint" by itself. In a list of caches, press the + sign at the bottom of the screen to add a new "cache" to the list.

For now having a variable radius for each cache or waypoint would require way more development than it's probably worth at this point, but I'll put it on a future to-do list. The design would involve adding a radius size value to each cache which could be edited and later used for displaying the circle around the cache.