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Custom Proximity Circles
Would it be possible to add a custom proximity circle to waypoints and then solve for the confluence for solving reverse whereigos?

Re: Custom Proximity Circles
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I'm not really sure what you mean... can you explain in more detail? Do you mean notifications for entering zones? Map boundary circles? Some setting to do something?

Pretend you had what you wanted. What steps are you taking and what do you see on the screen?

Re: Custom Proximity Circles
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I would be able to add a distance to a proximity circle for each waypoint. Once I had three waypoints with proximity circles attached to them, I would be able to either see all three circles on a map at the same time and be able to touch the intersection to create a new waypoint at that position, or alternatively, push a calculate button that could determine where the intersection was and create the new waypoint at the location of that intersection.

Re: Custom Proximity Circles
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Does the radius need to be unique to each waypoint? Does the radius size need to be user defined?

If you turn on cache radius in Settings, the radius will also show when you bring up a map of just waypoints for a cache. Does that work?

Re: Custom Proximity Circles
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Yes. I need to be able to specify each proximity.

The use case is a reverse cache. You go to a point and ask it how far away it is, and it gives you a distance. Then you move and ask again and it gives you another distance, and so on until you get close enough to it to start looking.

But if you can draw these circles at the given distances from three points, then wherever the three circles cross is the location and you only need three readings to locate it.

Re: Custom Proximity Circles
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Version 8.4.3 will include a Settings option to determine the circle radius width on maps which can be used for the proximity distances. Please let me know how this works out when you get the new release... soon.