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GSAK Database Support
It would be extremely useful if Geooh could read GSAK databases directly. I've used a couple other geocaching apps (like CacheSense GDAK, and GCDROID) and the capability to read databases created by GSAK has made my geocaching expeditions much easier. Please consider adding support for GSAK databases. Thank you

Re: GSAK Database Support
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Thanks for the suggestion. I assume you mean transferring a GSAK SQLite database to the app instead of exporting the database to GPX first before importing into Geooh. My thoughts...

This will have to be a future feature given other development work currently planned that may be more desirable to more users. I'll have to do research to discover the internal structure of GSAK databases and whether it's even feasible for Geooh. Until then, I suggest exporting to GPX to import into Geooh. It adds an extra step, but may be easier and safer to maintain in case GSAK changes their internal structure.

It seems most GSAK databases would be quite large. Geooh is designed for smaller lists that are similar to Groundspeak bookmarks and pocket queries. While GSAK is designed to contain many caches you're interested in, Geooh focuses on breaking that up into multiple lists for specific caching adventures where viewing smaller groups is beneficial.

I'd recommend not using Geooh when you start approaching thousands of caches in an offline list. Given all the advanced features Geooh implements behind the covers the more records it has to maintain starts slowing it down. Some other apps may have been designed for large files, but are not as feature rich. There are plans to increase the capacity by re-engineering internals, but that will also be in the future.

Please give me more time for something like this requiring much more thought and effort.
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