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pocket query ordering
due to the particular oddities of how i personally do things, when i go to

main screen > download > pocket query

i have several pocket query results with the same name...under a condition like that, is the most recent one on top or on the bottom of the list?...or is the list not ordered by date at all?

Re: pocket query ordering
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The lists are sorted by name only and don't have a date associated with them. Actually, I don't think you can create multiple lists with the same name... were you able to do that?

I suggest creating unique offline empty lists in Geooh and then use the Merge option on the download to move it into that name.

Re: pocket query ordering
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not lists. where it says Select Download Source, the options are
Bookmark List
Pocket Query
GPX File

i choose the Pocket Query option. the next screen says Select an Pockey Query and there are duplicates there. it's not a bug or anything. if you go to the pocket query screen on the site, take one and copy it. the new query is called Copy of whatever. if you select the copy the same pocket query again, it will create another query with the same name Copy of whatever.

Re: pocket query ordering
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I understand. Even though pocket queries can have the same name, Groundspeak gives them an internal number which Geooh uses for the download. Unfortunately for now, Geooh only allows unique names for offline lists (PQs, bookmark lists, GPX).

Re: pocket query ordering
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ok. did some experimenting. here is my Select An Pockey Query list. i've marked which one's i generated today and yesterday. looks like they are not in any particular order.

Re: pocket query ordering
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OK, how about showing the list with the PQ generation date? I'll see if I can sort it by name, then date.

Re: pocket query ordering
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that certainly would work for me. even without the sort, having the date time would make it absolutely clear what the latest one was.

fyi years ago (i don't know if it's still the case), new PQ's on would run almost immediately whereas checking the day of the week on an existing PQ could leave it in the queue for hours. for this reason, i got into the habit of having a "source" PQ, copying it, checking today's date and it ran very quickly. then after i downloaded it and used it, i would delete it off . oddly, right now shows Pocket Queries Ready for Download (4) yet your app (and the official app) show all these others i deleted. strange.

fyi2 another reason for creating a new copy for each PQ was that you would get a new "number" as the filename of the download (ie when i import those into my own database stuff, it made for a useful tool to find caches that were imported previously from another file number yet missing in the latest one (hence archived). but i digress.

Re: pocket query ordering
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The next release of Geooh won't show the archived pocket queries... it was modeled after the official app, but like you, I think it's more confusing to show archived ones.