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ignore the ignore list
This may sound odd.  We have a very substantial ignore list, especially in our home turf.  Don't ask.  The old app from groundspeak had a setting which allowed you to include the caches on your ignore list in the various searches or suppress them.  So why would you ever want to see them?  There are times where we consider placing a cache but there's no good way to check if another cacher has a nearby cache we're ignoring (until the reviewer tells us).  In those cases, we would use the app and turn off the ignore the ignore caches setting and presto we could see.  We always found it odd we could do that so easily in the app but not on the website.  Well, as with some other good things, the new groundspeak app doesn't have that setting anymore either.  So, is it a possibility to add a switch in the settings somewhere called Show Ignored Caches Y/N . Obviously it would be N 99% of the time, but every once in awhile, it would be handy to see what you're ignoring in the Live view.

Re: ignore the ignore list
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That's a great idea and should be easy to implement. Expect to see it in the next release that could come out late next week.

Re: ignore the ignore list
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Version 8.2 of Geooh is being released today which has an option in Search to ignore your ignore list. Please let me know of any issues with it.

Re: ignore the ignore list
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can't seem to get it to work in the @Live view.

but it works in the search. and you can search from the current location and then press the map button for a visual representation just like the live view so that's really all i needed it for. something occasional.

yes, that works for me!


Re: ignore the ignore list
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Well, it wasn't implemented for Live... just for searches. I could add another Live option just like search to ignore the ignore list, but I'm concerned already about too many options. Let me know if it becomes a problem.

Thanks for the feedback!

Re: ignore the ignore list
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Oh its not a problem. I think your implementation of the idea is spot on. Its not necessary in the live for the limited number of times it will get used.

Very pleased with your solution as it stands.