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Database Refresh
Please make it possible to refresh offline databases.

It should be good, when I go out, that I can quickly, refresh my offline database, that was stored in the app. So I have always an actuell database and I can store it longer on my device without sorrow that database is old and caches don't exist anymore.

Here is an example from another geocaching app. Maybe you can put this feature in Geooh Live. This would be great. I miss this feature really.

So we don't have caches in database anymore that are offline or out to date. And Groundspeak API will support this.

Please think about it.

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Re: Database Refresh
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Thanks for the query.

Are you interested in refresh for all offline list types (Search, PQ, Bookmark, GPX)? And should the refresh overlay any data currently stored in the list?

Re: Database Refresh
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How's this? Will only work on Searches, PQs, and Bookmark lists... not gpx files, which you'll have to reload those manually.

Re: Database Refresh
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Refresh only for the database.

Please make both different refreshes possible.
One for availability (fast and quick) and full.

Re: Database Refresh
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Can you explain the differences between the two so I fully understand?

Re: Database Refresh
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If you look at my screenshoot, everything should be clear.

It should refresh the offline database.

The small one refreshes the availablity of the caches. This means the status. Available, not available, archived and so on. Just this.

The big one refreshes everything. The details of the cache, not only availablity.

So if you go out caching and just wanna now the status, use the fast small one. If you want to bring database up to date, use the second.

I use this very often in the other apps.

In next screenshot you see it in another geocaching app. This app won't developed anymore. But to see, what I mean.

GCVote is a 5 star vote system herein Germany for caches. Just by the way 😉
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Re: Database Refresh
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Thanks for the explanation. Geooh uses something similar, but called Lite and Full downloads (which is really the only way the API functions). So for refreshes, it remembers what you chose for the original download and uses that so the data will be consistent with what was previously there. I'd like to keep things as simple as possible to reduce confusion by users.

At one time I had GCVote ready to go for Geooh, but just wasn't sure if it was used much. I rarely see it used when I'm out geocaching.