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Android location mode
in android you can set high accuracy (use GPS, WiFi, and cellular to determine location) and battery saving (WiFi and cellular only to determine location)...usually I have battery saving on...geeoh switches the gps on which is understandable...what's your thoughts on letting geeoh work with just the battery saving setting?

Re: Android location mode
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Let me ponder that... I've found in getting a location using the saving mode Android always tries to use the network regardless if it's available and doesn't try using the GPS (which seems odd). So if not in network (or in network), trying to use the compass or watching the distance could be WAY OFF or not available... then I'll get users complaining Geooh doesn't work. Even if I create a Settings option to not use the GPS, I could see someone getting confused and complaining. I feel safer sticking with the current implementation.

Re: Android location mode
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ya. i think you're right.

i'm curious about something.  do you think one would get a "quicker" fix on one's position (albeit far less accurate) if only cell tower info was used instead of switching on the gps? or put another way, if the gps is not on and you turn it on does android produce a quick fix from the cell towers immediately and then improve it as the gps tunes in to the satellites or does it wait to deliver a location fix once the gps has got working connections to the satellites?

Re: Android location mode
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Honestly, I'm not sure. I don't know what cell triangulation goes through to get a location. Maybe in some instances the GPS is quicker if all the satellites are visible and the network data has a weak signal. When Geooh waits for a location... sometimes accuracy is not needed so it only uses cell network which seems like it comes back fast while waiting for a higher accuracy with GPS it is slower. My guess the cell would be quicker, but maybe not significantly enough to lose out on resolution.