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Posting Notes on Trackables
Posting a note on a trackable does not require the Tracking code.

When the note type is selected for a trackable log for a tracker in the cache inventory, Geooh should not require the tracking number

Re: Posting Notes on Trackables
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Do you mean for a log type "Mark Missing" or just any "Note"? I discovered a bug related to showing trackables for a cache and then trying to post a trackable log... the log type field wasn't being populated. It seems the only scenario where the tracking code is not needed is when the trackable is missing and should be marked as such. I guess a note could be left in both cases?

Re: Posting Notes on Trackables
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I'm referring specifically to posting a log of type note. I've done so from other apps without needing to enter a tracking code.

I do this to leave a note when trackers are missing in caches I do not own.

As far as I have been aware the mark missing is only available to the cache owner?

Re: Posting Notes on Trackables
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I haven't found any developer documentation regarding the Mark Missing, but you may be correct. I've changed Geooh already to allow posting of note logs without requiring the tracking number. Except to see an update in the next few days.