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Adding and Deleting
With Geooh's powerful geocache list management you can easily add and delete items in lists. First, you can delete an entire list. Press the red trashcan icon in the lower right floating button on the home screen to enter delete mode. In this mode, a delete icon shows on the right side of a geocache list. Press it and then confirm deletion of the entire list. To get out of delete mode, press the X where the trashcan icon showed in the floating button below.

You can do the same for individual geocaches in a list. Press the trashcan icon on the bottom bar to enter delete mode. Like the home screen, a red delete button then shows on the right side of a geocache. Press it and then confirm it's deletion. This can be useful if you want to unclutter a list and remove geocaches you do not want to go after.

In a similar manner, you can add a waypoint to a list. Press the + icon on the bottom bar to add a waypoint. You may want to do this to add a location for a particular use... maybe where you parked your car or maybe a location you later want to place a geocache.