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GPX files don't work
We are experiencing frequent issues with GPX files either not importing, or, once imported, not being able to open the list.

I have attached three such files, though we have more that have these issues.

Re: GPX files don't work
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Thanks for the report and the GPX files. It's a great help to see the actual files causing issues. Will test with them this morning and find a solution.

Re: GPX files don't work
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OK, I've got the issue resolved. It had to do with the large number of logs in the GPX files causing problems with database load. An app update will now use the log download limit specified in Settings just like it currently does for bookmark lists and PQs. And if the file does get corrupted, Geooh will more gracefully let you know so it can be deleted and reloaded.

Again, I really appreciate the report and the GPX files so I could test with and fix the issue! Many thanks!!!

Coincidentally, I was just about to release version 8.2 today so I quickly added this new fix it. Please test on your other GPX files when you upgrade to the latest.

Re: GPX files don't work loo
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Prefect! Thank you!