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Is there a list somewhere of what placeholders are available and what their output is?

Re: Placeholders
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The template section in Settings has a highlighted instruction with the list of placeholders. They match those in c:geo to ease transition to Geooh from that app. I haven't found a better way yet to present the placeholders and their usage, although they should be pretty self-evident.

[DATE] - current date
[TIME] - current time
[DATETIME] - current timestamp
[USER] - your geo name
[NUMBER] - your found count
[OWNER] - cache owner
[NAME] - cache name
[URL] - cache URL

For the external stored template there is an additional one [LOG] used to insert log text into the template.

Re: Placeholders
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Version 8.2 of Geooh now includes [LOGDATE] that uses the date entered for the log, not the current date that the other date/time placeholders use.
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