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coordinates, terrain, difficulty part of screen disappears
we've seen this happen twice now...the sequence of events is roughly
1) email notification of new cache
2) click on the email notification and the cache details are brought up. everything is as it should be
3) it's an ftf run so we head off. as we go, we turn on the phone in the car to read the coords and that part of the screen is blank (see attached image)
4) we end up finding the coords by going in the summary screen
5) then, after we find it and make a log all of a sudden that info is back (see other attached image)
6) we *think* this has something to do with a loss of connectivity between when we are on wifi at home and then later when we turn the data on (data is usually off in the house and doesn't get turned on unless we are away and using the net) but that's just a theory at this point

Re: coordinates, terrain, difficulty part of screen disappears
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Thanks, that's a know issue. It's actually an Android bug with their webview (which is the widget displaying the missing information). It happens when another app such as navigation runs and then returns back to Geooh. Webviews display HTML and have a bug reloading the content when an app resumes.

I haven't been able to reliably get the content to reshow so the webview will be replaced with native Android components instead. Please be patient until a new Geooh version includes the change... soon.

Thanks for taking the time to report the issue with detailed information and screen shots.