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Search by cache name?
Am I blind or is there really no way to search for a cache that starts with or has a particular name?

Re: Search by cache name?
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Thanks for the inquiry... and sorry for the late reply.

The answer depends on how you want to search. The Groundspeak API used to query their database only allows searching by the exact name of the cache. Given that restriction, Geooh doesn't implement a search by name when creating a list of caches.

But Geooh does let you filter an offline list by the name... or even a variation of the name. On the cache list, long-press the Name header on the top bar above the list... or press the middle button at the bottom bar (with 3 lines decreasing in width going down). It will let you enter a name to filter and only show caches matching that name.

The name you enter is case insensitive (does't matter whether capital letters or not). And you can also use an asterisk "*" as a wildcard letter to search for names that start with, names that end with, or names that contain. For example:

cemetery* (finds all caches beginning with "cemetery")
*cemetery (finds all caches ending with "cemetery")
*cemetery* (finds all caches containing the word "cemetery" anywhere within the name)

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have additional questions!

Re: Search by cache name?
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Sounds like the API is very un-userfriendly on this point. for example:

At an event you discuss with other geocachers about great geocaches, they mention one that you later on want to check up, but you only remember that the cachenamne was something with "panda" and you do not know where in the country the cache is. Is there no way to search for that cache without being forced to make an enormous search first to get an offlinelist? Or du you have to go to and preform the search there witch feels bad.

Re: Search by cache name?
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Interestingly, I did find an API command that does provide a limited search by name that will look for an exact match of keywords provided. This has been added to Geooh and will be in the next release you see.  :)