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How do I upload logs to draft notes?
I just did a large geo-art yesterday and I used the app's logging feature to save offline. I can't figure out how to get them to show up on the draft logs on the website. I made lots of notes like which ones had damp/soggy logs, which containers need fixing, etc. However, I can't even see my notes on my android phone, let alone upload anything, other than to post a log (which I definitely didn't want to do as my notes contain spoiler reminders for myself only). Even if I have to re-enter my log on the website (I log 99.9% of all my logs on the website), that's fine, at least let me view my notes.

Re: How do I upload logs to draft notes?
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Saving logs offline is different than "drafts". After storing an offline log there will be a cloud icon with an up arrow at the top bar on the screen right side. Press it to see a list of queued logs to submit.

Drafts are created with the "Create a Draft" task from the popup menu and can be stored on the Groundspeak server to edit from the website. In contrast, the offline logs are stored on your phone until you submit them. Drafts are different and unfortunately, Groundspeak doesn't let 3rd party apps edit them once they are created by the phone.

And then there are Personal Notes for a cache which are also stored on the Groundspeak servers. But unlike Drafts, Geooh can edit those once they are created. It is confusing, but it's due to legacy designs by HQ where drafts historically were used to store on Garmin devices and then later used to create real logs.

So use offline logging for logs you intend to update later for finds/dnfs. Use personal notes just to track notes for geocaches you haven't found. And use drafts if you want log later from the website.

Hope this helps.

Re: How do I upload logs to draft notes?
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Ok, I didn't notice the "Create a Draft" choice. Now that I have about 60 in my que and can't figure out how to view them, how do I get them converted to drafts?

Re: How do I upload logs to draft notes?
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Sorry, no editing option. Once queued, they are not able to be edited. It's on to-do list to allow editing in a future release.