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# of Trackables in my profile
When I look at my Profile info in the app, what does the number of Trackables represent?  It doesn't seem to match any of the numbers I see on my Groundspeak profile.

Re: # of Trackables in my profile
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Actually, it's a bit confusing since Groundspeak doesn't have any documentation regarding the trackable data it returns when obtaining your profile via their API. It appears to be the list of unique travel bug types found... not a list of all trackables you've found. Again, that is not clear without Groundspeak's official word which given their support of API partners may never be clear.

Re: # of Trackables in my profile
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Is it the number of rows that Geooh shows in the list when I click on "Trackables"?  You'll have to excuse me for not counting them myself ;)

Re: # of Trackables in my profile
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Yes, the API returns a list of "trackable find types" with their icons and names. That list makes up the rows on the screen for Found category. Probably a better label for that category should be "Found Types" instead of just "Found". Again, without documentation and strong Groundspeak support, we may not know what they intended or whether it's correct.

Re: # of Trackables in my profile
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when looking at com site at your statistics page and the trackables "tab" it shows the list of types och different trackables I have found (Exactly as Geooh). But after each type is a number showing how many of this type I have discovered. I guess if you look at the API again, then you probably will find a way to get that number too. (what is the API-call(s) you are using to get the list?)

I don't know i  this link works for you:
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Re: # of Trackables in my profile
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Thanks for the information.

Actually with the new API there will be even less information provided. Maybe the old trackable type data was confusing so now the new API will only return trackables you own or have in possession. No more summary of discoveries by type.