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Offline maps to SD card

Please make it possible that Geooh Live can put the offline maps to SD card. Right now it will stored in the internal memory and mostly it is very rar.

Maybe you can make it possible, that we can download vector based maps like mapsforge maps and store it on SD card to use it within the app. These maps are based on open street map project and are very good. Maybe to used themed maps or so like openandromaps.

But the most thing I wish is to put all data including the downloadable maps onto SD card (external memory).

Think about it.

Greetings Lemmi1de from germany.

Re: Offline maps to SD card
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Please see the reply to your other post regarding offline maps. Geooh depends on Android and Google maps for it's vector maps and how they are cached.

Also check this post in the How-To section regarding offline maps.

Re: Offline maps to SD card
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Coming soon...!