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Geooh has several shortcuts or quick ways to perform actions. Here are the important ones:

Show details overview of a geocache
Press the Details button (circle with "i" in the middle) on the left side of the cache in a list to quickly show details about it. Or you can select the Show Details task in a pop-up of task actions.

Show the pop-up of task actions for a geocache
Long-press the geocache in a list or press on the information window bubble above a selected cache on the map.
This will show the pop-up of tasks you can perform for the geocache.

Open the map showing a geocache location
When showing a cache summary with the lists of related items for a cache (such as Description, Logs, Attributes, Images, etc) touch the top section of the window that contains the summary. It will open the map with just that geocache in it.

Quickly log a geocache while viewing the map
After selecting a cache, long-press on the information window bubble above it to open the Post a Log task.

Quickly add someone to your friend list
When viewing the list of logs for a geocache, press on a log and select the Add As Friend action task.
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