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coordinates obscured on detail screen
i'm attaching a screenshot of what i'm referring to...perhaps the round menu button could be moved up and to the right beside the size...or better yet, the difficulty/terrain/size/coords could be left justified and the button into the free space created on the right.

Re: coordinates obscured on detail screen
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Let me do some tweaking and see if things can be moved around some.

BTW, I met apolloandme at an event once... small world.

Re: coordinates obscured on detail screen
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small world indeed...apolloAndMe is an excellent cache hider...

ended up finding the exact coords by tapping the "i" button next to the cache in the @install listing...that summary feature is excellent!...really liking this app the more i explore it

it might be relevant to know that i have the Font size in the android display settings set to Extra large (android 5.0)

just discovered i could call up the map by pressing the area where the coords are shown in the detail view...nice!...and can turn on and view traffic info too...again, nice!

Re: coordinates obscured on detail screen
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Glad you are enjoying the app. Yeah, setting the font that large may start having text overlap or be hidden.

There are lots of quick paths and features that tend to be obscure. The tips screen when first using the app tries to reveal them, but I think I need to come up with a cheat sheet that you can regularly visit to remember them.

Re: coordinates obscured on detail screen
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so far the Extra large font setting hasn't caused probs anywhere else.