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How to import .gpx file
I'm introducing geocaching to a group of seniors and would like to use Geooh Live as the recommended Android app. The biggest issue is that I cannot import gpx files. After adding a gpx file to the Download folder, I press Download and the "Select Download Source" window appears. Press "GPX File" and the "Open From" sidebar appears and then press "Downloads".

Using Geooh Live 7.8.7 on a Pixel XL running 7.1.1, no gpx files appear but other files and folders are shown. I have FX Explorer installed and, if I select it in the "Open From" sidebar, the gpx files are shown but, when one is selected, a "Warning" window appears that says "Unable to retrieve the file".

Am I missing something or is this a bug?

Thanks for your help

Re: How to import .gpx file
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Sorry to hear you are having issues with downloading a gpx file. Do you know if the file has an extension with a ".gpx"? And it's a text file you can open with other apps?

If you can, please attach the file here or email to to so we can look at to see if there is something unusual going on.

Thanks for contacting us!

Re: How to import .gpx file
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The files all end in .gpx and import into other geocaching programs and open with text editors. Attached is an example direct from This file does not appear in the file list when I select the Download folder in Geooh Live.

Re: How to import .gpx file
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Geooh Live 7.8.8 just appeared for downloading. It has the same problem with gpx files.

Re: How to import .gpx file
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Thanks for sending the GPX file. I was able to download it to my phone and locate it to download into Geooh (see the attached screenshots). So the file is ok.

Are you sure the folder you downloaded it into is the same one Geooh is looking at? I've personally had confusion with Android putting files in different download folders... and whether it's an internal or simulated SD card... I know it's confusing and I still have trouble at times.

Maybe you could create a different folder and put the gpx file there instead of the download folder. There should be a Geooh folder on the device if you've created a field notes file... or create a special directory just for GPX files. Then be sure you can navigate to it when using the Android file browser that Geooh opens up when selecting a file. Also try to navigate to it with FX Explorer so you can follow the file path and match it with Geooh.

I'll help as much as I can. Try the above and let me know how it goes.

Re: How to import .gpx file
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I tried your suggestions and they did not work for me. In desperation, I took an old Nexus 5 and flashed a new factory image. The good news is that Geooh Live now imports .gpx files just fine!

My Pixel XL still refuses to recognize .gpx files and I am not quite desperate enough to reflash it. FYI, when I select the FX Explorer option in Geooh Live and navigate to the Download folder, the .gpx files are visible but they are greyed out just like the non .gpx files and can't be selected.

Sorry for wasting your time with a non-reproducible issue. You have a great app with unique features and I still plan to use it with geocaching Seniors.

Re: How to import .gpx file
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You are NOT wasting my time by any means because if you have the issue, someone else will.

I am perplexed... I have seen this before where Android doesn't really think the file type is truly text. I actually have a gpx file demonstrating the same issue. But I thought it was different you you...

Are you saying you can see the file, but not select it with the Pixel, or not see it at all? Downloading and moving files around on Android requires the OS to recognize that it's an available file. Depending on how that's done can determine where you see it and whether it knows the file type.

Can you try moving the file from the Nexus back onto the Pixel, but give it a different name and see what happens? Or however you downloaded it to the Nexus do the same on the Pixel. There's a solution hiding from us.

Re: How to import .gpx file
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I have a Samsung S7 (and a friend has an oppo F1s- its new apparently) and no matter how we try we am unable to upload a GPX file to Geooh live.  We can get them on our phones but can they are grayed out and can not be loaded into Geooh live.  I have tried via the SD card, direct onto the phone and via google drive with no luck. Bookmarks and PQs are fine but we generally want to download a GPX file from GSAK to use (with corrected coordinates for puzzles when applicable). I would certainly appreciate any suggestions,
Thanks G&E

Re: How to import .gpx file
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Thanks for taking the time to post your question here... and sorry for the issues you're having.

Geooh uses Android for picking files. It tells Android it wants to see files with a mime type of GPX (regardless of it's name or extension). Files matching that type are selectable. But if the file has been marked as non-readable, it will be greyed out even if the type is GPX.

In the process of transferring GSAK files around something could interfere with that. We've had instances where the file was inadvertently marked as non readable by apps. Can you check the properties of the file and see if it is readable by "everyone"? Take a look at the attached screen shot. It's a GPX file on Google Drive, but is not readable by everyone so in Geooh the file picker shows it greyed out and not selectable.

Please see if that is the issue and get back with me so we can resolve it.


Re: How to import .gpx file
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A new minor release of Geooh is being pushed out today that may resolve the issue of files not selectable. The check for file type was broadened to include any text file. Downside is someone may select a non-GPX file, but the upside is for GPX files that don't internally identify as GPX type should now be selectable.

Re: How to import .gpx file
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isn't it an idea to post the changes with every update?

With kind Regards

Re: How to import .gpx file
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Yes, that's on the to-do list!

BTW, with the latest change, are the files now showing as selectable?

Re: How to import .gpx file
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from what I can tell my GPX files are readable by 'everyone'. If I send a GPX to Gmail I can access it on my phone but that seems to be the only way. I would like to drop it straight in from GSAK via the PC

Re: How to import .gpx file
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I new version of Geooh will be released soon that should fix the issue. It had to do with the internal file type that was being set when the file was moved around by different processes.

Re: How to import .gpx file
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Thanks I shall wait patiently :-)