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Corrected coordinates from personal cache note
Various other services, like Project-GC and c:geo, support reading corrected coordinates from the personal cache note as well as from the corrected coordinates field. It would be very nice if Geooh would handle that as well, since that's were all my corrected coordinates are stored now and they don't appear to be detected at all. Actually, as far as I can tell the personal cache note field isn't read at all. I'm looking at a cache where I have (via the web site) stored a coordinate in that field but in Geooh I just get an empty field when I try to edit the personal cache note.

Re: Corrected coordinates from personal cache note
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Thanks for the idea.

The current release of Geooh had a problem with personal notes when the user had more than 50 which could be why you didn't see a note... this has been corrected in the next 7.8.6 release to come out.

We'll put the corrected coordinates from personal notes feature on a to-do list. Do the other apps require some special format for them to know it is a correct coordinate and not just some additional info maintained in the note?

Re: Corrected coordinates from personal cache note
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I definitely have more than 50 personal cache notes since that's where I store all my final coordinates.

I know that Project-GC makes an effort to parse common coordinate formats from the personal cache note and will use the first coordinate found as the corrected coordinate (as does c:geo). I'm not sure if either of them would be happy about a comma in the middle of the coordinates; I haven't seen that format before.

Since we're on the subject: what I would really like is to be able to create a new waypoint in the app for a new stage or a final and have that saved both in the app and on the web site. On the web site as both the corrected coordinates *and* in the personal cache note (as an addition at the beginning, not by overwriting what happens to be there), since different other services need different things here (personal cache note works better with Project-GC due to how the API works, while corrected coordinates probably work in more apps). (As far as I can figure out, c:geo can add new waypoints to the corrected coordinates but not the personal cache note.) This would help with organizing coordinates in a useful way while I'm out caching and then still have them accessible from other tools like Project-GC later.

Re: Corrected coordinates from personal cache note
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Although it's been almost a year, Geooh will finally allow extracting of waypoints from cache personal notes. It's a manual process to select which waypoints in the note to add to the cache's user waypoints and also whether to set it as the corrected coordinates.

On the flip side, if you add a corrected waypoint through Geooh, there is a settings option to also append it to the front of the cache note for Project-GC. I hope this provides what you were looking for.

The feature is in version 8.7 to be released very soon.