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Switching to map slow

First: compliments. Very beautyful app with everything I need. Works fine on the oneplus one

The only thing that is a little annoying:

After downloading a pocket query with 1000 geocaches (only traditionals) I see a list after opening.
When I want to go to the map by hitting the pointer icon it takes about 10 seconds before the map comes up.

Is there someting I can do to speed that up?

Greeting from The Netherlands

Re: Switching to map slow
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Thanks for the compliments and question.

Do you see the same delay with a list with fewer caches? If not, it is due to the number of map markers being placed on the map. We'll investigate further to see if there are any inherent Geooh problems, but it may just be how Google Maps on Android handles the number of markers.

Re: Switching to map slow
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no only with 'bigger' lists

Re: Switching to map slow
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Same problem here with Samsung  S5 Neo and database with about 1000 Caches.

Re: Switching to map slow
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We'll continue to see if any speed-ups can be done. Do you have a similar slowdown with the same cache list in other apps?

Re: Switching to map slow
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Not at all.

In other Geocaching Apps Ich can handle databases with over 6000 caches and more without slower speed at all.

Re: Switching to map slow
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Does having marker clustering on/off affect the issue? Geooh is also maintaining a slide-out drawer with a cache list side-by-side with the map which could also be impacting things.

Do you have a GPX file that I could use to test with that has 1000+ caches in it?

Re: Switching to map slow
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since the last update it's much better! thanks!

Re: Switching to map slow
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Well, that's interesting... not sure if anything was added to specifically address that, but glad there is an improvement.

The update in the current beta (which will come out as 8.0) will load caches into the list and into the map in smaller batches so both the list and map will show quicker, but then will continuously update until all the caches are loaded. So it will still take some time to load all, but this way it will respond sooner to display the new screens.