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9 seconds to load cache logs

I've recently begun to play around with Geooh. Very nice, but one issue really annoys me: Loading logs takes IMHO way too long, i.e. after tapping on the log list entry of an already downloaded cache it takes about 9-10 seconds for the log screen to appear (same 2nd time, same 3rd time, so this shouldn't be any delay caused by a slow download speed). An example screen clip is here

My setup is a non-rooted Galaxy S5 neo with a stock Marshmallow and I don't observe any general performance issues on that device.

Any idea what's going on there?

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Re: 9 seconds to load cache logs
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Thanks for reaching out to us.

Yes, there are times when loading logs takes longer than desired. It's an issue that we haven't been able to resolve since it's not consistent. Geooh is using a webview for each log so that all the HTML and Markup code can be displayed as the author intended. Webviews in Android are notorious for having sketchy performance in lists.

We'll continue to investigate this and hopefully will have a resolution soon.

Re: 9 seconds to load cache logs
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Actually, after some more testing, it seems to me that the cause are images attached to logs. If there are no images for the downloaded logs, everything's fine.

Can't you lazy load those images or add an option to not embed them in the log display?

Re: 9 seconds to load cache logs
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Yes, it appears log images do cause a delay while they try to load. Android has a weird way of loading images in web views that will interfere with the UI... there is no lazy loading. Temporarily removed them in the current release until it can be investigated more thoroughly.

Thanks for the information and insight!

Re: 9 seconds to load cache logs
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Great, latest version seems to have fixed that.

Re: 9 seconds to load cache logs
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Thanks for confirming the fix. Please contact us for any other issues or requests!