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Offline maps
I would really like to see downloadable vector-based Open Street Maps (with trails and topographic data) in Geooh. Is this on the development roadmap? Many other geocaching apps support this feature.

Re: Offline maps
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Sorry for the late reply... the forum didn't send a notification about this post.

Geooh has used vector-based maps for many years... something other Android geocaching apps do not. The latest release of the app uses "preloaded maps". Let's discuss this...

Lately, offline maps has been a hot topic. Apps like the Groundspeak app automatically downloads trail maps for each offline list. Other Android apps allow you to download different maps offline. What's wrong with this? Well, unless you have a phone with LOTS of unused storage (gigs) and don't mind switching to different maps each with their own look when offline,... then nothing. But that seems wasteful and cumbersome. Some phones just don't have the free storage for rare instances of offline map needs.

How does Geooh do it? Google maps on Android already caches map tiles dynamically so after showing the map it retains it in a local cache so when displaying that map location again it will use the cached tiles instead of pulling them down from the network. When the cache gets large the least used tiles are purged. Very efficient and rarely have we had a map display problem when using Geooh in poor cell reception areas... but it can happen.

So instead of wasting space on your phone with large map downloads for the rare times you may need them, Geooh can preload the map cache for geocaches in a list. You do this by running the Preload Maps task from the popdown menu in the upper right corner of the map. This action will then cause the map to visit each of the cache locations and zoom in/out at each so the map tiles are preloaded in the map cache. You only download for areas needed and they are purged automatically when no longer needed. This is smart offline maps! No need to manage the megs and megs of offline map tiles.

Re: Offline maps
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The problem I have is that Google Maps shows very few of the trails in my area, but almost all of them are on Open Street Maps. This makes Google Maps useless for finding caches when I'm out in the field.

Re: Offline maps
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That's understandable. We'll put in on our list for future enhancements.

Re: Offline maps
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Thats what I search for too.

I actually use mapsforge maps with themes on my device for different apps and the are stored on my SD card on my device. And this worked well for me right now.

But when I download the offline maps right now with Geooh right now with big pocketqueries for example vacation tours, the offline maps will overflow my internal memory and it runs out. Internal memory is rar.

Maybe you can make the offline maps put to SD card and external memory. This may be solve my problem.

If you can make use the app vector based maps again, that could be best. But so that I can store them on my big SD card.

Think about it ...

Re: Offline maps
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Geooh doesn't directly download any offline maps... it uses Android and Google maps internal caching ability to provide map views when no network is available. I don't think Google is using internal memory for that. Plus, Geooh already (and has for a long time) uses vector based maps. To cache Android's vector maps on the SD card will require Google to make that change.

Re: Offline maps
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Hope I understand that correct.

You use the google maps from the google maps app and where this app stores the map tiles must I activate in google maps?

Ok I made google maps to store offline maps on sd card, so Geooh Live will use them?

I right now thought that the tiles will be saved within the folder of Geooh Live, but when they are stored in Google Maps, this is great and should solve my problem.

But I think OSM Maps are better for geocaching. More details and so on.

Is this so, when I do download offline maps with google maps app, that Geooh Live will use them too? Will test this soon.

Re: Offline maps
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Mostly correct...

Geooh uses Android maps software that is shared between apps including the Google Maps app. Currently, the offline maps feature in the Google Maps app is not available to other 3rd party apps, nor does Google permit 3rd party apps to explicitly store offline maps. Android developers are expecting that to change in the future so other apps can use the offline maps that Google Maps downloaded.

But the Android maps software will internally cache map tiles of the locations it has displayed so it doesn't continually need to retrieve them from the server. So there is an internal offline maps capability built-in that all apps using Android maps can take advantage of. Android monitors the size of the cache and removes map tiles no longer being referenced.

Geooh uses this caching feature to optimize storage. You can use the Preload Map option from the menu while Geooh's map is open to have it go to each geocache location so that their map locations are stored in the map cache. So instead of you having to manage offline maps (downloading them and/or removing them), Android is taking care of this for you. Another benefit is that the many megabytes of map data doesn't have to be permanently stored on the phone in case you need to display that area. Instead, Geooh is more dynamic and realtime. Many phones don't have external SD cards so they'd have to use precious limited internal memory for map storage.

I understand the value in alternative OSM maps and that capability is on a to-do list for future releases. In the meantime, Geooh provides an easy and creative why to achieve most of the benefits of offline maps.

Re: Offline maps
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Coming soon...!