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As I spend more time in the app, I'm growing to appreciate it's feature set and usability. Thanks for continuing to develop this app.

While browsing the website on my phone (and later on my laptop) I found that there was no way to see the info at the bottom of the page...specifically the feature listings and support button. As I try to scroll down, it advances to the next "page" or "frame". Ultimately, I had to use Chrome on my laptop and zoom out to 67% to see everything.

Are there supposed to be scrollbars or is there a mobile-ready version of the site to go to instead?
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Re: Website
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Thanks for the feedback. I'll check it out. The website is using some 3rd party software for the site and it doesn't render as well with smaller screens on mobile devices. For now, it's best to view on a desktop browser.

Thanks again for the complements about the app!