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data network issues
geooh live v9.1.4
android 5.0
dual sim, data on one, phone and text on the other
configuration worked no problem in past

i noticed some problems lately which may or may not have coincided with the latest google play services update.

first off, everything works properly on wifi.

however, on data geooh unexpectedly stops working. if i refresh logs in the Logs screen, it will say
Warning The network is not available
and if i attempt to refresh the cache listing it will say
Error The network is not available
in the live view i'll get the same thing if i select a cache

once it enters that state, it doesn't recover.

i thought it was my network but switching immediately to my email app shows it's working and the geocaching app continues to work (oh god that thing is badly designed). switching back to geooh and the same problem continues

i have noticed that quitting geooh live and then restarting it makes it go again but soon after it enters that error state and no more network activity is possible.

i was about to delete and reinstall geooh live but i thought i'd hold off in case there's something else you want me to try first.


Re: data network issues
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There is some quirk with Google Play Services that drops the connection at times. Although it is suppose to automatically reconnect, I've found it doesn't. I keep trying to tweak things to force a reconnect, but still now sure if that works. It appears to be a recent Android change since the same code was working before. I'll keep trying.