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Bing OS Maps
Is it possible to setup UK OS Maps using a Bing Maps API Key in Geooh? It would be very useful!

Re: Bing OS Maps
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Hi John,

Yes, it should be possible. The Alternative Maps add-on (from Settings in Geooh) allows you to enter any 3rd party map tile server. It appears the UK OS maps service has this option. Go to their website here for more instructions.

Basically you enter a URL into settings for the tile server which includes your key. See the attached screenshot. I don't have a key or any needed OS credentials to test it so you may have to experiment with it some.

Let me know if that helps!

Re: Bing OS Maps
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No luck unfortunately. This worked in another app but strangely not in Geooh.


Re: Bing OS Maps
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What didn't work?

The URL entered into settings should have {z}{x}{y} somewhere in it or Geooh won't know where to inject zoom and lat/lon to get each tile. I vaguely recall another Geooh user accessing OS maps successfully.

What is {Q}?