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  • New version of Geooh Live published!

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new paid app
hopefully your new paid app will still support android 5.0

i will happily pay for it!

Re: new paid app
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How about Android 5.1?

Re: new paid app
Reply #2 phone is a Blu Studio C and it definitely says

Android Version

in the about device...and Blu never upgrades...and this phone is fast and in great shape so if it goes to minimum 5.1, then i guess i'm outa luck

Re: new paid app
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Let me see about dropping down to 5.0 minimum to see if any issues. You've been a big help so I'd like to keep you with Geooh.

Re: new paid app
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much appreciated. it's so perfect the way it is for the way i use it - i keep forgetting to look for updates in case there are bugs i don't know about. i just now installed the 9.1.3

even if the initial app was good for 5.0 and then at some point in the future you HAD to go to 5.1, at least i'd still be able to use the initial one.

whatever happens, it's been a great app!