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bug in stats behind smiley
I were out geocaching last weekend and found caches on both saturday and sunday and in total i found 19 caches (see 2-3feb.png)

BUT if I choose to look at the statistics for the days separately (2feb.png and 3feb.png) it will tell me that i have only found 17 caches, two founds has disappeared from the 3:rd of February!

Those two missing is caches that i logged between 0:00 and 1:00 in the middle of the nigth.

I guess this bug is easy to fix

Re: bug in stats behind smiley
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Interesting. I'm sure it's related to timezone and how the request and response to HQ servers is sent. Will look into it.

Thanks for reporting this!

Re: bug in stats behind smiley
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Did some investigation and yes, the start time was set to 1:00 am which would have excluded those 2 finds. This is being corrected. Again, thanks for reporting the issue!

Re: bug in stats behind smiley
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Thanks for your effort in developing and maintaining a great geocaching app! :)
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