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Traveling Salesman Routing
I notice in the how-to section that the app can use Google maps to auto-route.   However, the instructions do not seem to match the current UI for the app, or I'm misunderstanding where the routing feature is invoked.

If I bring up a list of caches in a search, the "Distance" button is at the bottom, not the top (per how-to), and long pressing it does not produce the expected results.

Can you elaborate or at least get my mind wrapped around the right procedure for this feature?

Re: Traveling Salesman Routing
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There should have been a popup dialog at some point when you started Geooh about the removal of some features due to Google price increases last summer. One of the removals was routing until I could figure out to handle the costs.

The next major version of Geooh will bring back routing (but requires a minor subscription to pay for it). When back you can press the distance button at the top of the map to display a route... or long-press to all selecting multiple caches for an optimized route.

Sorry for the confusion as it's taking longer to get the big upgrade complete and through beta testing. Route displays are coming back though!

Let me know of additional questions.

Re: Traveling Salesman Routing
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Yes, I noted the Google issue.  Will be interested in the subscription fee when the feature returns.

So we are clear, the "Distance" button will appear on the map view when this feature returns, but is not presently to be found on the map view page (at least I don't see one there), correct?

Re: Traveling Salesman Routing
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The distance button is always on the map. When you select a cache it displays the distance to it from your location.

Re: Traveling Salesman Routing
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My bad.  I saw it as an informational display field only, not a button!  Thanks.  Look forward to the update, even for a few $.

Re: Traveling Salesman Routing
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Yeah, without the routing enabled it is just informational... no way you could have known. When enabled there will be a Tip that reveals there is a button there for routing.