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I find that the compass is often way off, even though the little blue arrow on the dot (technical term lol), is pointing in the right direction. Do I need to do a set up for the compass?

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Hi, sorry for the late reply... the notification didn't show a new post.

Are you saying the compass needle is not pointing to the correct location? If yes, that's a normal issue for all phones that use magnetic sensors for compass orientation. It's not a Geooh problem as other apps experience the same. Something near the phone (like being in a car) can confuse the sensor. The best solution is to be away from any interference and slowly rotate the phone in a figure 8 several times to reset the sensors. Eventually the phone will correct itself.

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To the OP:
Something I have found on all of my recent vintage Samsung phones is that out of box, the compass calibration is positively horrible.  Each phone manufacturer that includes a magnetic compass feature has its own method for compass calibration, so you may need to research this for your particular phone.  The other issue I seem to have with the Samsung phones is that the calibration must be performed fairly frequently to keep it aiming the right direction.  I have looked, but cannot find information on the net about why this is the case, but it is a bit annoying. 

Further to this, Geooh has a configurable feature that allows for using the compass only when you are moving slowly or stopped, and switching to GPS direction tracking when you are moving fast enough for the device to use that method to determine your direction of travel.  Many recent purpose built handheld GPS units do the same.  If you're on the move, you may find that this gives you a somewhat more accurate reading.  It's in the Geooh Settings section under "Navigating".  The author has chosen to make the split at 3mph, which is also pretty typical for handhelds, but is a pretty good clip when you are walking.  But at lower speeds than that, the GPS track would become too erratic to use for direction.