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WhereiGeooh ~ No cartridge loaded
I have been trying to download a cartridge.  I have signed in with the Wherigo login.
I have gone to the Wherigo page to download the cartridge.
I also have the WhereYouGo app. And every time I download a cartridge it automatically downloads to the WhereYouGo app.

How can I change it so it will download to Geooh?

Re: WhereiGeooh ~ No cartridge loaded
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Hi... thanks for using Geooh.

I need a bit more information to fully understand the issue. Are you saying you can download the gwc cartridge to a directory on your device? Where is it downloading to? The directory specified in WhereYourGo app or the one in WheriGeooh? Or are you saying WhereYouGo automatically opens up when trying to download?

You may have allow WhereYouGo to be the default app fo links and you'd have to go into Android settings to remove that.

Did you know you can also just use Geooh to view the GC# cache page for the cartridge and download from there without going to Owners typically put links in the cache description for downloading and you just tap it for Geooh to do the download and then it can run WheriGeooh once downloaded.

Re: WhereiGeooh ~ No cartridge loaded
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It looks like it downloads to the directory specified in WhereYourGo. 

I have tried to download it from Geooh and it opens in WhereYouGo.

Re: WhereiGeooh ~ No cartridge loaded
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OK .. I think I got it working for me.    Finally got the the cartridge to save to right file location

Re: WhereiGeooh ~ No cartridge loaded
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OK, good. Be sure to download to the directory defined in WheriGeooh settings and then use WheriGeooh to open the cartridge.