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Google Pixel 3XL
I am having a problem using Geooh Live on my new Google Pixel 3 XL. When I start the app, the first screen appears but the display does not show items "Search", "Download" and the symbol for the trash can are not visible at the bottom of the screen. I have noticed that any other screens that have items to display at the bottom of the screen are not being shown. I have checked for settings to shrink the screen to display the items but have not found anything.

I did not have any problems with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
Also I am not having any problem using a Samsung Tab A.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Re: Google Pixel 3XL
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Can you attach screenshots of what you are seeing? I use a Pixel 2 XL with no issues so the 3 should be similar in everything but maybe a slightly larger screen size.

A new version of Geooh using the latest Android Material UI components is about to be released... maybe that will fix something.

Re: Google Pixel 3XL
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OK, I finally can replicate it... it's the notch at the top of the screen. I can simulate it on the 2 XL and the buttons are hidden as you said. I'm researching how to deal with it.

Re: Google Pixel 3XL
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I have a solution for the notches that is working and properly displaying bottom UI components again. After some testing, a new release should be out sometime this weekend.

Thanks so much for reporting this issue!

Re: Google Pixel 3XL
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I just downloaded the updated version checked to see if my problem had been corrected for my Google Pixel 3XL.
GREAT NEWS. I am able to view all information and am able to use this app again.
Thanks for the quick response and the quick repair. I am a very happy camper.
Happy Holidays to all.


Re: Google Pixel 3XL
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Thank you for informing me of the issue. Have a Merry Christmas!