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Setting cache status not working
Have during the weekend done maintenance on a few caches. Tried to enable one in the field, but the status remained disabled. Another cache I had to take home yesterday for more serious maintenance. Tried to disable that cache in the field, but today it still was reported as enabled.

Have tried using the Set Status function.

Re: Setting cache status not working
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The 'Set Status' task is just a feature to record temporary status of a cache locally on the device... but doesn't send anything to Groundspeak for logging. The feature is a way to mark cache status in your offline list for your usage only. If you look at the list, it will put the cache in an unlogged group. Later you can run the Log Geocache task on it for actual logging with Groundspeak. The feature was originally created prior to Geooh having the ability to save pending logs... so you could mark the status when there was no network connection... then later actually create the log.

It's probably an outdated feature which I may just remove altogether so it doesn't cause confusion. The Save fo Later may be more like what users expect to do.