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Wherigeooh says 'You must sign in first to use Wherigeooh'. What am I not doing right/how do I do it, please?

Re: Wherigeooh
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While in the WheriGeooh part of the app you must store your Wherigo login credentials in Geooh Settings to allow the app to connect and download cartridges. It's similar to other wherigo apps like WhereYouGo on Android.

Re: Wherigeooh
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I am seeing the same problem. The WheriGeooh view is loaded, but then the complete screen is greyed out and a white messge popup says "You must sign in first to use WheriGeooh." I don't know how to close this message popup and still be in the WheriGeooh view. If I tap somewhere on the screen outside the message popup, it closes, but the WheriGeooh view is closed too and the app goes back to the Geocaches view (where I am still logged in).

Re: Wherigeooh
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It won't let me go back even if I uninstall and reinstall to get back to original wherigo part of the app.

Re: Wherigeooh
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Have you logged in to via Geooh first before trying to use WheriGeooh? The WheriGeooh view confirms you have used the Groundspeak login before continuing with using the wherigo player. That's the reason for the sign in dialog taking you back.

Once you have logged in, you can open the WheriGeooh view then Settings to enter your credentials for downloading cartridges from the website. Groundspeak doesn't have an API or any connections between and so there has to be two separate logins.

Does that help?

Re: Wherigeooh
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I am logged in to in the geooh app. In the first Image I select Menu/WheriGeooh. I get the error in Image 2. I cannot do anything in this popup, I only can tap above or below it. Then it closes and I end up with Image 3.

Re: Wherigeooh
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Thanks so much for the screenshots and confirming you are logged in. Let me research this some more. What you ever been able to use WheriGeooh (wondering if a recent release is causing the issue).

Re: Wherigeooh
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A maintenance release is being pushed out today that should correct the WheriGeooh login issue. Geooh is gradually migrating to the new Groundspeak API and it appears WheriGeooh needed more tweaking for a recent change.

Let me know if the login works properly after the next download of Geooh later today. Thanks for reporting the issue!

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I am new to Geooh, so no, I have not used WheriGeooh before.
I just saw the new update, installed it and now it works, I can open WheriGeooh (I did not open a WheriGo yet, so did not test the functionality).
Thanks for the fast fix!

Re: Wherigeooh
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Great! Again, thanks for reporting the issue so it could be corrected.