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Themes for offline maps
I recently installed Geooh, bought the "alternative maps" addon and set the map directory to /storage/emulated/0/Locus/mapsVector, where I keep my maps from
One of the offline maps is now showing, but without a theme. How can I change maps and map themes?
My themes folder is storage/emulated/0/Locus/mapsVector/_themes.

Re: Themes for offline maps
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Geooh looks for its themes in a subdirectory '/_theme' under the maps directory... not '/_themes'. Apparently, Locus uses a different theme directory name.

I've updated the app to check for both directories so you could use either. For now, create another _theme directory until a new version of the app is released.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Re: Themes for offline maps
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Thank you for your quick answer!

Usually, there are several theme folders under the _themes directory, from which I can choose one to display (e.g. in Locus or c:geo).

Now I tried copying the content of one of the theme folders to the _theme directory, but the theme still isn't applied to the map. Tried both v4 and v5 themes, but had no success so far. Do I have to activate the theme somewhere in the settings?

Re: Themes for offline maps
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Very strange... now the theme is visible sometimes in parts of the map, but not everywhere.

Re: Themes for offline maps
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Hmmm, that is strange. Geooh is using Mapsforge software for offline maps and themes... it just tells Mapsforge where the maps are located and then their software loads tiles onto an Android map. Apparently, the directories were found including the theme to partially show the map properly. Something is flakey with Mapsforge it seems since Geooh has mostly passed rendering on other software.

For grins, try restarting the phone and Geooh to see if something clears up. It could be prior to the correct theme directory either Mapsforge or Android cached some of the map tiles without the theme applied. If you pan the map to new locations and the theme shows, then it's more likely a caching problem exists.

Let me know.

Re: Themes for offline maps
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The problem seems to be related to my HTC U11 phone with Android 8.0. The installed theme is displayed randomly in parts of the map (mostly when zooming in and panning, and it disappears when zooming out).

After installing Geooh on a Huawei MediaPad M3 running Android 7.0 (from APK, because unfortunately the app is not available in the play store in Switzerland) the map is displayed correctly with the theme installed in the '_theme' folder.

I'll investigate further...

Btw: A folder selector for the theme folder, similar to that for the maps folder, would be nice.

Off topic: After deselecting "Auto Translate" and saving the settings, the translation is always turned on again when I restart the app.

Re: Themes for offline maps
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Thanks for the feedback. There could be an issue with the Mapsforge software since the current Geooh release is using a newer version of Mapsforge. I'll check for any Android 8 issues with it.

Geooh was temporarily removed from European countries due to a large number of negative reviews in a span of a week... it will be back after I can determine what are real issues... definitely getting proper language translations will take time.

Thanks for letting me know about the Auto Translate setting... will correct that.