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Maps with "{iy}" doesnt work.
In scandinavia and sweden we have several good maps from Hitta and Eniro to use if we dont like Google maps, it works in gcdroid and similar apps, but this maps have an negative or inverted "y" and this seems not work with Geooh Live.

Code: [Select]{z}/{x}/{iy}{z}/{x}/{iy}.png

I have tested with several alternatives, like upper/lowercase letters, "-" instead of "i" and jpg, jpeg and png.


Re: Maps with "{iy}" doesnt work.
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I'm not understanding the negative or inverted y. Can you give an example of the URL filled out with values?

Re: Maps with "{iy}" doesnt work.
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OK, I found documentation on how to do the inversion for y. The next release of Geooh will have a possible "fix" for it. Thanks for letting me know!

Re: Maps with "{iy}" doesnt work.
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The latest 8.10.20 release of Geooh added support for {iy} inversion. Could you please test it to see if it corrected the issues you had? Thanks!