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I hope I am right here and my english is good enough. Geooh Live I find a great geocaching app just one thing bothers me a lot. There are no waypoints displayed that have not deposited any coordinates.
Now it is so that many multicaches have hidden waypoints where information or questions are deposited. With these caches this app is useless then.

Re: Waypoints
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Hi... can you ask the question a different way? I'm not sure exactly what the problem is. Screenshots could help.

From the cache page where it show Description, Hint, etc., there will be a row to display waypoints for the cache. You can also add new user waypoints to this list.

When you select a cache on the map any waypoints attached to it are also displayed. If the cache is deselected, those waypoints won't show.

If you can provide more information, I'd be happy to help.

Re: Waypoints
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For example look at the cache GC5G9BM. There are lot of waypoints with questions but no coordinates.
To solve the cache you need to see this waypoints.

Re: Waypoints
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Ahhh, now I understand. Geooh was hiding waypoints if the coordinates were hidden. The app has been changed so they will now show in the list. The next release will have this fix in it.

Thanks for taking the time to report the issue so it could be corrected!