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My wife and I cache together and often if she does the corrected co-ordinates when doing a multi or puzzle, I don't get them on refresh. Instead I have to exit the app and then restart it. It's not a major problem, although when my phone connection is poor, it does take a bit longer before I'm good to go again.

Re: Refreshing
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Does she create the corrected coordinates on the website or on Geooh? If Geooh, it should be automatic... if on the website, refreshing the cache (or list) should show them. Which way is not working?

Re: Refreshing
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My wife uses cachly (she's an I person!). So I guess that is probably via the website. I have tried refreshing the page, but it seems I have to exit the app and re-launch; then the corrected co-ords show.

Re: Refreshing
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You mean you use the Refresh Cache task? Unless you do that or Refresh List the updates from the website won't download. When you exit the app and reopen it are you using the @Live map or an existing offline list where the cache is at? Using Live always retrieves from the website instead of an offline list.

Re: Refreshing
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I am on the @live map, and press the rotating arrows; which I think is the refresh?

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Yes, that button refreshes the entire map... mostly used if you panned it to a different area to load new caches, not to update currently displayed ones. Please understand there is no automatic syncing... if your wife updates coordinates on the website (via Cachly), the website doesn't push those updates to every app running. So you need to refresh the cache by selecting the Refresh task when displaying the task popup list for that cache.

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Ah, right, thanks for the explanation.