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offline maps don't show
using Alternative Maps (Add-on)
Use Offline Maps is checked
there is a .map in that folder...the wherigo app uses it and i see maps there
the last version i was on would not show the map...i'd click on the coordinates in the cache detail page to get the map up and the activity indicated would just keep going across the screen...i saw there was an updated version of the app so i downloaded it...same thing...also clicking @Live does nothing and app jams for a while...then after repeated clicking the back button it says do you want to close the live map (which is not actually open)...clicking yes unjams the app

so, something's up with offline maps.

Re: offline maps don't show
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Hmmm, let me ask a few questions to help figure it out...

When the issue occurs, does switching back to Google maps work?
What is the offline map? Can you send the .map for me to test with?
Does the GPS get a fix?
Do you have network access?
Is it only with the Live map? Do offline lists work?

Re: offline maps don't show
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ok. looks like it wasn't your problem in the first place. after posting my note i messed about for some time trying things. for some reason i decided to check something in the groundspeak geocaching app. much to my dismay, this app always starts in a "live" type map mode but this time, there was a piece of text on the screen saying google play services was updating and typed over that was the groundspeak note saying something's wrong try again later.

so, google play services was being updated (something which is also completely out of my control grrrr). not knowing if i screwed anything up, i rebooted the phone, put it away and left it alone to check later.

well i just saw your response and checked my phone and everything is back to normal. my ".map" file is working. live is working. maps from each cache detail page work. and that groundspeak app is also working.

so, sorry to raise the alarm bells but all is well now and if these symptoms ever happen again, i'll know it's google updating stuff on my phone (without my approval or knowledge as usual)

Re: offline maps don't show
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Thanks for letting me know. It also could have been during Groundspeak's planned server down time on Tuesday. It was published knowledge warning users of apps and website not working during this time... I had forgotten to mention this, but this may have been the cause.