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Cache Picture as a Memo
I think it would be useful to be able to take a picture of a cache and have it added to a personal note, so it is available as a memo and it doesn't get posted on with a log as that would be a spoiler. However it would be useful as a reminder if another cacher friend needed a hint.

Re: Cache Picture as a Memo
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Thanks for the interesting idea. Unfortunately, Groundspeak doesn't have a way to store photos with personal cache notes.

Re: Cache Picture as a Memo
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OK, Thanks for the reply.

How about if a reference number of the photo was used instead of the actual picture?

Re: Cache Picture as a Memo
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About the only thing is getting the location of the photo on the device to put in the note, but if it's moved or deleted there the note wouldn't know about that and have a bad reference.

I'll have to think about alternatives, but I'm not confident something could be done easily that would be useful.

Re: Cache Picture as a Memo
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Thanks. It might only be me that thought it would be useful. We have started to take pics of caches now as we have had friends asking for hints and I can never remember details once we have logged. Unless it was something really special. I guess I might have to catalogue those pics somehow relative to the GC code .

Re: Cache Picture as a Memo
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Yeah, the simplest would be to name the photos with the GC number and store them in directory just for that.