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photo issue; is it my phone or the app?
I've had the problem several times now where I finish writing in my log entry, but when I then go to add a "live" picture (as opposed to one in my phone's gallery) the app shuts down and I need to start again, losing any previous work.  It was frustrating after a couple of particularly lengthy logs (and good ones, too, in my opinion).  I've learned to take the picture first and then to write the log entry, but wonder what the source of the problem would be, my phone?  or a glitch?  Thanks for any advice.

Re: photo issue; is it my phone or the app?
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Hi, sorry you are having some issues. What phone and Android version do you have? Do you get any error messages or anything that could help me pinpoint what's going on?

Most likely it is due to memory issues starting up the camera app from within Geooh. If the phone doesn't have enough memory, Android will put the app in the background and then release any resources it held before showing the camera. After the camera takes a photo and tries to return to Geooh there may be some problem restoring Geooh back from the resources it had before. I haven't received any related bug reports so not sure what is happening. I'll see if I can replicate the issue to find a way around it. There must be some problem in how the handoff and return is happening. In meantime use the safe technique of having Android open the camera  and then using the gallery to pick the photo.

Re: photo issue; is it my phone or the app?
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I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (yeah, I know, it's old, but that's another issue), and Android version 7.0,  The Geooh version is 8.10.9.