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Some things I miss.
Hi there. New user here making the switch from iOS to android.
As a former cachly user, there are a couple little things I miss that I would love to see added to geooh.

Multiple log templates - one for found, another for DNF etc.

Access to the compass from the cache details screen (show more). Current I have to click back to the map then the compass.

It would be great if you could consider these!

Re: Some things I miss.
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Thanks for the feedback.

It's already on the to-do list to have log templates by log type... just need to figure out a good UI presentation for it.

From the cache screen (show more) you can tap the top banner to open the map to show that cache (or go back to map if it was open). There could be an option to open the compass at the same time... either a settings option... or long-click? Do you have a preference? Settings is getting crowded, but long-press may not be intuitive for most.

Re: Some things I miss.
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Long pressing the top banner would work just fine for me. As you say, settings are pretty crowded and perhaps this is just an edge use case anyway :)

It would be ideal if exiting the compass took you back to the cache screen too!