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WheriGeooh Question/Request

I've been enjoying using the WheriGeooh app for some time.  However, this past weekend, I ran into kind of a bit of an "issue".  Not sure if this functionality exists and I just couldn't find it, or if it doesn't exist and could perhaps be added.

The particular Wherigo I did covered a large geographic territory.  It would unlock in stages, so I would have 7 spots to visit at a time.
 When using the "other" app, on the main menu, I had a "map" button that would show me all of the locations on a map.  This allowed me to do two things:

1.  I could look at all of the waypoints at the same time on the map and decide which direction I needed to go to attack them.
2.  I could click on each point on the map, and I would get a little bubble with the description and the GPS coordinates of the stop.

I looked all over in the WheriGeooh app, and I could not either of these pieces of functionality.  I could not see any way to show ALL of the points on the map (I could easily map each individual point), nor could I see anywhere to view the coordinates of the spots.

I'm attaching some screenshots from the "Old" app here for reference.

Thanks for your consideration!  And, if there is a way to do this in the app I just don't know, I'd love to hear that!

Re: WheriGeooh Question/Request
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Sorry for the late response, but I was at GeoWoodstock for a week which kept me busy.

I'm not exactly sure what exactly is not working. If the cartridge has multiple locations listed, they show in the Locations list and from that list you can press the map button at the bottom of the list to show them all on the map. Unfortunately, not all cartridges maintain a list of locations and instead present only one at a time to the app.

Are you saying WhereYouGo shows multiple locations on the home screen for the cartridge, but WheriGeooh doesn't? Showing comparative screenshots from the home (Locations, You see, Inventory, Tasks) will help me understand better.

Thanks for using Geooh!

Re: WheriGeooh Question/Request
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So, maybe I just don't understand how to do it. 

I loaded a Wherigo cartridge (It's GC7FC1Q, if you're curious).  There were 7 sites in the first section.  I can see the locations listed on the "main" page,  I can click the "location" section and see each listed (see screenshot), and click each one and view it on the map, but I don't see anywhere to show all 7 locations on the map at once?  Am I just missing it?  I clicked in the menus, but don't see any "map" option?

Am I just being an idiot?   :D


Re: WheriGeooh Question/Request
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No, I'm the idiot. LOL

The ability to map all locations used to be in the app, but was removed due to some issue. Let me see about adding it back. I'll use the cartridge you provided as a test case. Hope to get it in soon.

Re: WheriGeooh Question/Request
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How about this? After additional testing and cleanup it will be ready for the next maintenance release of Geooh... which may be released tomorrow.

Re: WheriGeooh Question/Request
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Cool!  I'll look for the update!

I appreciate the help.  I guess it's not terribly often that you do a Wherigo where you have multiple points given at once (Most Wherigo's I've done have been more, "go here, then I'll tell you where to go next"), and of those, it's not common that you have one where the map is as important as this was (with the spots spread out over several miles), but this change will be VERY helpful when you do run into that situation!

Plus, after all the bragging I did to my iPhone friends about how much more awesome WheriGeooh was than their apps, it was embarrassing that they could see this stuff on the map and I couldn't  :D

Thanks for the support!

Re: WheriGeooh Question/Request
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Thanks for your support also.

You have lots to brag about to your iPhone friends besides just the wherigo player. Your c:geo friends should be even more jealous.  :D

Re: WheriGeooh Question/Request
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Thank you!!!  :D

Re: WheriGeooh Question/Request
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You're very welcome. I'm glad you pointed it out. Now I need to get back to Atlanta so I can do that wherigo... I love WD and visited some of the sites when I went to Going Caching a couple years ago