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Feature Idea: Daily Caching Goals
I've had an idea for an interesting feature that I've never seen anywhere else, and I'd find extremely useful: Daily Caching Goals.

The feature would provide a calendar in which you could set goals for days in the future, and then notify you on each day that you've set a goal and track your progress.

My first thought would be something like this:

Open the calendar.  (days that have Goals would be highlighted)
Select a date in the future.  (Goals dialog opens)
Select the number of caches you want to log on that date.
 - optionally, select a number of each cache type that you want to log on that date
 - optionally, select specific caches that you want to log on that date. (A hidden cache list?)
Save the goal.

Then on the date, Geooh would notify you in the morning (preference setting?) about your caching goal that day.  If you had specified caches for that day, those caches would appear in your lists as "Today's Goals" (or whatever).

As the day goes by:
 - you might get reminders of your goal
 - each time you log a cache, you get a popup of the progress toward the day's goal.

If I'd set specific caches for some goals in the future, I wouldn't want them cluttering up my lists on other days.  I'd want that day's list of caches to appear in the morning when I was notified.  Or maybe part of the notification process would be to build the list when I "accept" the goal?  I would want to manually delete the list, so there's no need for this feature to clean up afterwards.


Re: Feature Idea: Daily Caching Goals
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A very interesting idea. I'll think about it and see what can be done. This could be a version 9.0 feature.