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photos and how they are handled
here's the situation.  had a cache with a few spoiler pics.  because i like to save data wherever possible, i downloaded the cache info from WIFI at home before heading off. at ground zero, i wanted to reference those photos and while the thumbnails were all there under Images, when i touched on each, there was a long delay before the picture showed up, which given the lousy data signal here, tells me it was reloading.  plus, each time i went out and looked at another picture and then went back to the previous picture it would always reload across my slow data. is that what's happening? and if so how about they get cached with a refresh button instead?

Re: photos and how they are handled
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Are you talking about the option to Download Images from the home screen for an offline list? That will download offline images found in the description. Since downloaded offline images could take up considerable room on your device, you must request offline description images using the Download Images option.

If you are talking about offline downloading of log images, that is currently not available. I'm considering downloading log images whenever description images are downloaded for offline use, but that would require more network time for images that may rarely be used.

Re: photos and how they are handled
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ok. i guess i'm talking about log images. or anything that shows up as a thumbnail in the Images section of a cache.

if i click on one of those thumbnails and view the full image, once the full image is there, i thought it reasonable that it would stay "on the phone" and not be re-fetched each time i pressed a thumbnail. at least until the cache was deleted. as it stands now, i've just realized that i can achieve what i want by long pressing the full image and a Download Image button comes up and that then goes to the android photo gallery permanently.

but i submit this further thought. if i am out in the field and decide i want to see an image attached to a log and then wait for it load, i shouldn't have to wait for it to load again should i decide to go back and read something else and then revisit the image later. but then i could have just used the Download Image the first time. and then looked at it in the gallery. hmmm.

well, i think you get what i'm saying. as i said, the Download Image will do what i want right now.

Re: photos and how they are handled
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The log image viewer is using an Android WebView (like a mini web browser), but the view isn't caching images. On further thought, I think I'll change it to cache images to help some in the situation you described. It should help, but I'm not really clear when Android removes images from WebView caches so there may still be an attempt to download from the network. Forcing a download of the image via Geooh will definitely save it!