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FTF notice glitch
Picture should say all.
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Re: FTF notice glitch
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Can you give me a bit more information? Do you see this behavior on log lists for every cache or was it just this one? If only one, is there anything unique about the cache or steps to get to it? Did it happen after a refresh of the log list? Was the cache from a search, PQ, bookmark, or GPX file?

Additional information would be helpful in resolving this since I'm not able to replicate the same behavior.

Re: FTF notice glitch
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I have seen it on two caches which is every cache I have the trick on. The list was loaded as a gpx file and it was showing the FTF icon next to it in the list.   I did a refresh of the logs using button on the log screen.  This then appeared there after.

Enough?  I don't have my phone with me.

Re: FTF notice glitch
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Can you send me the GPX file to test with? Attach here or email to

Re: FTF notice glitch
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The GPX file helped to identify when it occurs. A fix is in for the next maintenance release. Thanks for letting me know!