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Loading gpx files and switching app

While downloading a GPX file, an email came in.  So clicking the notification my mail reader popped up.

When switching back to geooh the load had stopped. Not suspended, just stopped having only loaded part of the file. There was no notice or easy way to recover.

This does not seem the right behavior.

My preference is it would have kept loading in the background.

Resuming the loading when I switch back seems a distant second.

Making me hit a dialog seems a poor choice.

Having to redownload the file seems a poor solution especially as folks may move to poor coverage areas and no longer have connectivity.

Same thing seems to happen when my screensaver turns on as well.

This is not on my critical path


Re: Loading gpx files and switching app
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Hi, thanks for the report.

Android pauses apps when another starts so it's not possible to continue "loading in the background". Restarting the load from where it left off will take some effort... other higher priority issues have taken precedence. But I'll see if a message could be displayed that the download was interrupted so you know to start it again.

Geooh keeps the screen from going dark when downloading so I'm surprised the screensaver was able to kick in... I'll have to research that.

Re: Loading gpx files and switching app
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Plenty of apps do things in the background.  The ui thread may suspend when the apps are switched but that does not describe all threads.

I'll check on the screen saver.  I may have locked screen manually.

Re: Loading gpx files and switching app
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Apps that continue to run in the background when paused require more complex coding and structures than what has been set up for Geooh's downloading. At this time, there are more pressing needs I'd like to address than rare instances of a download being interrupted. A more robust process is on a to-do list for a possible future enhancement.

Re: Loading gpx files and switching app
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I reworked some stuff to allow some continuation of downloading while the app is paused. It seems to work well enough when Android doesn't completely force the app to release its resources. Hopefully, this will help when a minor change like an email comes in.

Re: Loading gpx files and switching app
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This looks pretty good at first blush.  Thanks.