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unnecessary confirm box
version 8.8, android 5.0

since last update, when you click on the cache link in an email notification to view it in geooh a dialog box comes up saying
Download GC12345 ?
No Yes

that needs to go away or at least a setting which turns it on or off. it's an unnecessary step. I know that may have been useful during the Hawaii missile scare but im just downloading cache data here and sometimes trying to do it quickly and look away from my phone assuming it's doing what I want it to and not just sitting waiting for me to answer a question I will never answer no to

Re: unnecessary confirm box
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It was suppose to be a "feature" so that Geooh doesn't do something unexpected or not approved by the user, LOL. I'll see about removing it.

Re: unnecessary confirm box
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oh thank goodness it's gone now...thanks very much!