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One same map for all operations/functions
Through the settings I have chosen as my map an alternative map of Mapsforge. This map is visible when I start the app and use it for my first navigation. I love these Mapsforge maps!
Unfortunately, for all other navigation, such as manually entered coordinates, coordinates from Notes eg. the Google map is automatically displayed. I prefer the Mapsforge map for all operations / functions, so also for these actions, but I can't set up the app in such a way that I get to see this map only instead of the Google one.
Question is: am I missing something or is that not possible? And if it is not possible, is there a chance that this will be made possible in the near future?
From the Netherlands and Translated with ;-)
Greetz, Hans

Re: One same map for all operations/functions
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Hi... thanks for the query.

Which screens are you talking about? A screenshot would help me know where you want to see Mapsforge maps.

Re: One same map for all operations/functions
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Thanks for your quick reply.
Attached are 4 screenshots.
1. = Mapsforge map with name of cache. I pressed the "tag" (?) with the name and other data regarding the cache
2. = Mapsforge map appears with second cache (purple + sign) (result of solving a puzzle in 1)
3.  =Long-pressed bubble with the name I gave to this second cache (here: "eindbestemming")
4. = I get the Google map but I like to get the Mapsforge map
Hope its clear now and that you understand what I want to say in the first place, English is not my native language. :-[

PS Same for coordinates derived from notes or manually added.
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Re: One same map for all operations/functions
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Now I understand. The #4 screen is the Google Maps Navigation app running, not Geooh. I have no control over that app and it will always use Google's own maps.

You can tell Geooh to use a different navigation app though. Go to Geooh Settings and in the Navigating section select a different navigation app that uses Mapsforge maps (like OsmAnd maybe). See the attached screenshot. You'll have to install one of those apps so that Geooh can open them when you choose to navigate to a cache.

Let me know if that helps.

Re: One same map for all operations/functions
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Let me know if that helps.
It did, thank you!